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This Train Is Right On Time

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Lockdown Fun. A Step by Step Guide

Image by @joandjarvis

Whilst public transport has been out of bounds we have been teaching Jarvis all about trains. His Daddy’s favourite. Choo chooooo!

You Will Need:

  • Scissors

  • Marker pen

  • Orange highlighter

  • Parcel Tape

  • 2 Toilet/kitchen roll cardboard tube

  • 1 Large cardboard box

  • 1 Medium cardboard box

  • Paint

  • Soft blankets

  • Cushion


  • Take the medium box, mark all the way around the middle of the box off centre. Cut all around the box and and separate into 2.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Once separated, use the larger half of the medium box to create the Cab, by turning it upside down and balancing the box onto the open flaps of the large cardboard box below. Use the other half, the right way up to create the boiler engine at the front.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • For the medium box, smaller half, front engine of the train, fold out the top flaps and draw a large circle with the fold running through the centre of the circle.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Cut out the top edge of your circle.

  • Draw on ‘buffer bar’ detail on the front.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Draw on windows and wheel detail.

  • Bend and round the flaps and tape to the edge of the circle.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Cut out all of the windows.

  • Use some cardboard or paper to round off the top of your engine front. Use toilet roll or anything cylinder and lightweight to create your 2 chimneys on the top of your engine.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Cut out the front boiler engine circle of the train and the centre of your wheel spokes to make peek-a-boo holes.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Paint your train in your desired design.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Use a permanent marker pen to draw on the detail of the train.

  • Join all elements to together and secure with parcel tape.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Use an orange highlighter to add colour to the ‘buffer bar’.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Cover any rough or exposed edges with tape to make them smooth.

  • Fill the inside of the boat with soft blankets and cushions to make it comfy.

  • Now it’s playtime. Enjoy!

Never leave your child unattended whilst playing with a cardboard train.

For more Cardboard Box Step by Step Guides and Activities visit our blog page.

Image by @joandjarvis

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