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King Of My Castle

Lockdown Fun. A Step by Step Guide

Image by @joandjarvis

Must be a reason why your King of my Castle! Apart from your Father, of course ;) This cardboard box has been his favourite so far. Playing peek-a-boo, opening and shutting the drawbridge and pulling himself up to standing. It has been simple to make too!

You Will Need:

  • Scissors

  • Marker pen

  • 1 x Large Cardboard box - We used HP packaging @hp

  • 1 x Cardboard Product Protector Packaging

  • Small box for support - We used birchbox packaging @birchboxuk

  • Glue gun

  • Soft blankets

  • Cushions


  • For the castle you will need a large cardboard box and for the tooth shaped parapet we used the product protector packaging.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Using your marker, mark the outline of your drawbridge.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Cut out your draw bridge, leaving the bottom line connected.

  • Split up your protector packaging into 4. Unfold the top of the box and slot them to sit along the top edge.

  • Move on to marking out your windows.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Cut a small sturdy box (we used a birch box) into 4 to support the corners of the box to keep them upright. Using a glue gun attach the supports to each corner.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Cut out your windows and add stone frames to them and the drawbridge. Mark out a grid pattern to create the defence gate on the drawbridge.

Image by @joandjarvis

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Cover any rough or exposed edges with tape to make them smooth.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Fill the inside of the castle with soft blankets and cushions to make it comfy.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Now it’s playtime. Enjoy!

Image by @joandjarvis

Never leave your child unattended whilst playing with castle.

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