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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Lockdown Fun. A Step by Step Guide

Image by @joandjarvis

Deliveries seem to be the perfect saving grace of the lockdown, so when I had two parcels delivered in one day (Jarvis’s High Chair & flowers for my birthday), the excitement turned into pure joy. What can we make together today? So here it is a sailing boat..

You Will Need:

  • Scissors

  • Marker pen

  • Tape

  • Cable ties

  • Small cardboard box (boat)

  • Medium /large cardboard box (sails)

  • Soft blankets

  • Cushion


  • Undo your medium cardboard box and flatten it out, as neatly as you can.

  • Make your sails by drawing a diagonal line across from the top left hand corner to the bottom right hand corner.

  • Cut along the diagonal line, keep the outer folded sides intact (these will help to secure your sails.

  • Flip your box over and repeat on the opposite panel. You need to keep the folded flaps as they will come in use for standing the sails.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Use the any left over cardboard to roll 2 sail poles.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Take the pole, sail and the small cardboard box. Hold the pole in the centre of the boat touching the floor of the boat. Fold the sailing long flap around the pole. Fold the shorter edge backwards and down the outer back of the small box. Safely, use your scissors to poke holes through all layers either side of the pole near base, centre and top. Use cable ties to secure the poles to box the sail and small box at three points. Repeat for the second sail.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Take your small cardboard box and draw C pattern waves all the way around the box. Fill in the waves with a marker.

Image by @joandjarvis

  • Cover any rough or exposed edges with tape to make them smooth.

  • Fill the inside of the boat with soft blankets and cushions to make it comfy.

  • Now it’s playtime. Enjoy!

Never leave your child unattended whilst playing with a sailing boat.

More ideas and Step By Step Guides available for you and your children to try together on our blog page.

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